We are a collective, self-managed and independent association, formed by committed adults with the defense of the rights of children and adolescents.

Many of us have suffered abuse in our childhood and we are now adults that protect child victims.

Our goal is to provide public visibility to the crime of sexual abuse in childhood, with the aim of publicly influencing the defense of children, and their rights, in the face of this unacceptable injustice.

We Adultxs carry out our task of visibilization based on the collective sharing of our testimonies, since we consider it our obligation as adults to give voice to the suffering of today’s children; and we carry on this action in the most varied community areas, and throughout the country.

And, at the same time, we also offer to the community during all Saturdays of the year, our solidary meeting space for peers. It is and anonymous and empathetic space, for every adult who has suffered this crime and for adult protectors of child victims in the present. It is a formidable collective experience that has already been replicated in diverse communities of the country.

Adultxs for the rights of children is not a therapeutic or professional counseling group; we are peers sharing from our experience, and we are a collective group of people committed to change the present and future fate of childhood.

Adultxs for the rights of children was registered by the General Inspectorate of Justice under number 12771.


Our mission

We work with the commitment and the certainty that sexual abuse and mistreatment towards childhood are an absolutely preventable damage.

We offer our testimonies in the first person as a tool for visibility and awareness of this problem.

We share the tools to develop support groups of adult survivors, and other adult protectors of child victims, throughout the country.

Our message is full of hope because we are convinced that the survivors of this crime can have a full and happy life when the adult society allows the victims to express their pain and feelings and when complicity with the perpetrators is over.


To influence the adult society to raise awareness about childhood’s vulnerability

To contribute to build guidelines and collective lines of action to achieve effective protection of children

To encourage citizen awareness about the magnitude and social impact of sexual abuse and child abuse

To be a part in the public debate and to help generating protective legislation for children against the crime of sexual abuse

To achieve a greater significance of the rights of children in the public and political agenda of democratic society.

To influence the promotion of a public agenda in which childhood and the protection of childhood’s rights are the guiding axis of all political decisions.


Honesty: the dignity of working for what it is fair

Responsibility: caring for children is our reason for being

Solidarity: the good that I do to others heals me

Ethics: commitment to the defense and promotion of human rights

Hopeful message: certainty in a future free of violence towards children

Authenticity: the courage to be ourselves

Empathy: we know how to listen