What do we do?


Sexual abuse against children is the largest pandemic in history, since it involves one out of five children, and does not differentiate between social classes, being a phenomenon that affects the whole population.

In 70-85% of the cases, the abuser is a person that the child knows, and who they trust and who is part of the family environment;

The main obstacle is a strong, social non-visualisation of this very serious violation of children´s rights (which is a “taboo” social issue); some sectors of the Argentine Justice consider this is “the most unpunished crime in the world, since out of 1000 cases of sexual abuse, only one is clarified; therefore, there are another 999 cases that remain unpunished”, forcing the victims to live with the shame and silence, in many cases for their whole lives.

Facing this crime against children, a group of surviving adults and audlts protecting victimised children, have formed in 2012 a NGO called ADI (“Adults for children´s rights”). We have been travelling all around Argentina with an excellent impact and feedback /visiting massive communication media, schools, hospitals, churches) to share our own testimonies of pain, fight and hope, with the clear aim of helping to create awareness and commitment in favour if children´s rights.

Simultaneously, with our visualisation campaign, we weekly offer the community a peers solidarity space, with the intention to allow persons that have suffered this injustice or that are currently protecting child victims, to share their experience in an anonymous and empathetic space. This experience has been replicated in several other communities in our country which we have visited and with which we keep in daily contact via the social network.

Visualization: our group has made the commitment, since 2012, of the public visualisation of this crime, since we are absolutely convinced that is our duty as adults to offer our testimony of pain, fight and hope in order to give a public voice to children that are currently suffering this injustice and to the multiple adults victims and survivors that are silenced and isolated.

Peers solidary space: to fulfil this commitment, we meet weekly meet since 2012 in a anonymous, solidary and empathetic meeting, to share our experiences as adults survivors of this crime and as protecting adults of the currently victimised children

Doing this, we see, week after week, with great joy and with our simple resource of sharing experiences, how the feelings of loneliness, isolation and shame are being transformed into a fantastic collective experience, easy to be replicated and that due to our permanent visualisation campaign is being multiplied by other communities of our country.